Steelhead Fishing - Larsen Bay Lodge
he Steelhead run is one of the highlights of the fall season at Larsen Bay Lodge. This is a bonus fishery that provides great sport not only for the serious fisherman, but also for sportsman that comes to Larsen Bay in the fall primarily to deer hunt and duck hunt. From mid-September through October and into November exciting Steelhead fishing can be had by fishing the fast water and deep holes of the Karluk River. Steelhead, like rainbow trout, are tremendous fighters and therefore are a highly sought after sport fish.
Steelhead are a sea-going form of rainbow trout. Generally speaking, steelhead are more slender and streamlined than resident Alaskan rainbow trout. Like rainbow trout, the coloration on the back is basically blue-green shading to olive with black, regularly spaced spots. Steelhead are a member of the salmon, trout, and char family and a native of the Western North American coast. Their origin of their name most likely came from the metallic appearance of their head. Other names include, coastal rainbow trout, hardhead, and metalhead.

The anadromous steelhead is born in the upper reaches of freshwater streams, remains there until it matures at 1-3 years, migrates to the ocean as an adult, and then returns to the stream waters to spawn. Steelhead do not die after they first spawn, and so may return to the stream to spawn several times in their lives. Unlike salmon, steelhead commonly spawn more than once, and fish over 28 inches are almost always repeat spawners.

According to the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, "We have little information on the ocean migration of Alaska steelhead; however, large numbers are intercepted in high seas fisheries, and undoubtedly many of these fish are of Alaska origin. Steelhead migrate to areas west of the Aleutian Islands and are routinely caught in net fisheries off the coast of Japan".

Steelhead can become quite large, reaching as long as 45 inches in length and 40 pounds in weight. However, most weigh less than 10lbs.

The Karluk River is renowned for it's fantastic steelhead fishing in late September, October, and November. The Karluk provides the fast moving water with deep holes that are the perfect habitat for steelhead. Don't miss the unforgettable action of catching fresh ocean-run Steelhead on light tackle!
Steelhead close-up
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