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Salmon Fishing
Which Salmon is Right for You?
Which salmon species is right for you may be determined by your calendar.

For instance, if you can't come in early summer, you are not going to catch a King. But if August and September work well with your schedule, then prepare to hook into some serious Silvers that will likely wear you out!
Proper Name Chinook (King) Salmon Sockeye (Red) Salmon Coho (Silver) Salmon Pink (Humpy) Salmon Chum (Dog) Salmon
King Red Silver Humpy Dog
25 - 30 lbs 5 - 8 lbs 15 - 20 lbs 3 - 5 lbs 1 - 15 lbs
30" - 40" 20" - 26" 25" - 30" 20" - 26" 22" - 28"
Table Fare Very Good Great! Great! Poor Poor
Comments Biggest Best Eating Most
Not highly
sought after
Not highly
sought after
I want to catch BIG salmon!
Then you want to King fish in early summer.

I want the best tasting salmon.
Most people agree that the Red salmon is the best table fare and a hard fighter pound for pound.There are two runs of Red or Sockeye Salmon.The first one overlaps the king season.The other overlaps the beginning of the Silver run.

I want to catch several species of salmon and BIG halibut.
In that case you want to come in July and catch the end of the King season, the beginning of the Sockeye season and the big halibut are coming into the bays to spawn.s, gulls. Their carcasses sink, wash up on shore, and provide an important protein source for other animals in the food chain. As they decompose they also fertilize lakes and vegetation along shore. Meanwhile the predators are busy with bigger fish allowing the salmon eggs to develop and return to the sea.
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