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Salmon Fishing
Salmon Fishing Notes
King (Chinook Salmon)
  • King (Chinook Salmon)This is the largest of the five salmon species and considered the most glamorous. It also lives the longest.
  • The Karluk River produces some of the best King Salmon fishing in the world! While our Kings on Kodiak are not as large as those caught on the Kenai River, you will catch more fish and will not be subjected to combat fishing elbow to elbow with other fisherman. We offer a secluded, pristine, quality experience.
  • We raft the upper Karluk River one day and the lower section another day, stopping at the secret holes we know from 20 years of fishing this river. You will be primarily casting from the riverbank.
Red Salmon (Sockeye Salmon)
  • Red Salmon (Sockeye salmon)Sockeye are considered the best tasting of the five salmon species.
  • Most of our Sockeye fishing is done on the Dog Salmon River below Frazer Lake. It is a 10 minute flight in the float plane to Frasier Lake and then hike about 15-20 minutes to the fishing hole in the river that flows out of the lake.
  • Fish from the bank.
  • Fish with the bears!
  • The Sockeye are 5-8 lbs.
Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon)
  • Silver Sallmon (Coho Salmon)Coho have the reputation, pound for pound, of being by far the best fighting salmon.
  • This is a late summer early fall salmon run.
  • Much of the early Silver fishing is done by trolling in the saltwater bays and in Shelikoff Straights.
  • Later the Silvers will work their way up the Karluk River and we will raft down and stop at the best holes to fish from the bank.
  • Fly rod or spinning tackle, (We provide spinning tackle only).
  • Some of the Silver Salmon are over 20 lbs.
  • Silver Salmon are very aggressive and it is fast fishing. They hit almost anything
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