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Salmon fishing
ilver Salmon (Coho Salmon) is one of our most popular sport fish and can typically be caught in the saltwater bays in August and in the many rivers we fish in September. They are the second largest salmon species and have an average size of 10-12 lbs., but we catch them up to 20 lbs. or more. Silver Salmon flesh is more orange than red, and it has a mild flavor, with the firm flesh that is typical of the top three types of Alaska wild salmon. It is a favorite for grilling.
Silvers are aggressive fish that will hit almost anything you throw at them. We fish three rivers and the saltwater for this terrific sport fish. In August, when the Silvers are in the saltwater, they are bright chrome in color and delicious to eat. Another advantage of Silver fishing in August is that it is easily combined with halibut fishing. It is not uncommon to see Silvers jumping around the boat while halibut fishing. After catching a limit of halibut, we just switch to lighter tackle and begin trolling!

There are also advantages to Silver Fishing in September. Sometimes airline tickets and hotel rates are lower in September. The amount of daylight is similar to the lower 48 states at this time of year. The fall color in September can be spectacular. At this time of year we catch Silvers when they are packed in the rivers and the action can be non-stop!
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Fishing Activity Calendar
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