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Kodiak Halibut Fishing

Larsen Bay Lodge offers truly superb halibut fishing! These are huge fish that are a blast to catch on stand-up tackle! But they are also absolutely delicious to eat! It is prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm flaky meat. Halibut is the world's premium whitefish.
One of the best parts about halibut fishing at Larsen Bay Lodge is that you don't have to travel for hours by boat across open water to get to the fishing grounds, (like you do in most other parts of Alaska). We have caught 300lb. halibut within 300 yards of the lodge! Most of our halibut fishing is done close to shore. Often we are fishing so close to shore you can literally throw a rock and hit the bank! Larsen Bay Lodge's location on deep protected bays means it is highly unlikely that a big blow that will keep you from going halibut fishing!

The best halibut fishing is in June through October. But if you come in late August or September, you will be fishing for halibut and silver salmon in the same water. At that time of year you often you see silver salmon jumping and chasing candlefish while you're halibut fishing! We even catch halibut routinely in October when duck and deer hunters want to take home some fresh fish. No matter when you come, as an added bonus to the outstanding fishing, you will often see bald eagles, whales, Steller Sea Lions, puffins, harbor seals, and sea otters, during the day. It can be a sightseeing extravaganza!

How big do halibut get?
The largest sport-caught halibut ever recorded was 459 lbs. in Unalaska Bay. The largest ever caught by commercial means was 495 lbs. near St. Petersburg.

However, not all halibut are "barn door" size. According to the Alaska Dept. of Game and Fish the average halibut caught by anglers is 15-20 lbs, but our average is closer to 40 lbs. We frequently catch halibut over 150 lbs and have caught halibut over 400 lbs. in the past.

What Fishing Techniques Are Used?
We generally will anchor, but occasionally if the conditions are right, we will drift for them with our baits just off the bottom. Halibut are like flounder in more than appearance. They bite the same way - you feel them nibble and then you let them take the bait before you set the hook. We use circle hooks and J hooks with a variety of baits and jigs. With over 20 years experience, we know the best locations and will put you in the fish!

Other Interesting Halibut Facts
Generally speaking, any halibut over 30 lbs. is a female!
Some Pacific Halibut live to be over 40 years old.
Halibut must weigh 200 lbs. to qualify for Alaska's trophy program.
Sport fishermen in Alaska harvest over 1.5 million pounds of halibut annually. The effort and the interest in catching these delicious fish is increasing each year.

Halibut spawn during the winter months off the edge of the continental shelf at 1,200 to 1,800 feet deep!
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