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Bear Viewing Adventures

Kodiak Bear Viewing

Big Foot is real! ...And he lives on Kodiak Island, Alaska! Walk in the tracks of the largest bears on the planet! The awe-inspiring Kodiak Bear are only found on the Kodiak archipelago off the Alaska coast. The Kodiak Bears have been genetically isolated since the ice age. These huge bears can weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. or 680 kg.! These giant omnivores tend to be solitary animals with the exception of females with cubs. However, when the salmon run is on, or a dead whale washes up on the beach, the bears can be concentrated as they take advantage of the abundant food source.
Larsen Bay Lodge has access to world class salmon streams and a hundred miles of shoreline where bears feed. So we have fantastic bear viewing options and locations. The highest concentrations of Kodiak Bears are in Larsen Bay Lodge's exclusive Guide Use areas. To get you to the bears, Larsen Bay Lodge has its own fleet of boats and its own airplane to put you in the best areas for bear viewing. Many of National Geographic's favorite filming spots are in Larsen Bay Lodge's Guide Use Areas. Unlike many large mammals, Kodiak Bears are naturally diurnal (active during the day) making it ideal for photography and capturing incredible video! You will never forget the first time you see baby bear cubs wrestling. ...Or a huge adult bear bounding through the water to pounce on a salmon and carry it dripping to the shore for lunch.

Lodge owner, Mike Carlson, is a native of Kodiak who grew up among these magnificent animals. Mike knows bears. He has been featured in many television programs and has won the respect of local residents, tribal elders, as well as Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game and the US Fish & Wildlife Dept.

But that's not all! Larsen Bay Lodge is now offering bear viewing at picturesque Geographic Harbor on the Alaska Peninsula combined with bear viewing on Kodiak. It is a short flight across The Shelikof Straight in Larsen Bay Lodge's floatplane. Get the best of the island and the peninsula! The bears at Geographic Harbor are right on the beach - digging for clams, playing in the water and stalking the estuaries for fish. The Harbor itself is like stepping back in time to an unspoiled wilderness with soaring mountains, clear blue glacier lakes, and enough coves, bays, and islands for a lifetime of exploring.

These entertaining bears wading ice-cold streams and catching colorful salmon is one of nature's most amazing sights. Come and see for yourself! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas on the Emerald Isle of Kodiak where you will see not only big bears, but also bald eagles, whales, Stellar Sea Lions, harbor seals, foxes and more.
Your adventure awaits at Larsen Bay Lodge!
Bear Viewing
by Daniel Davis

Oh my friend i see o'er yonder
Across the lake I see you wonder
All these years I watched you grow
In green pastures and heavy snow

I see you big and brown
Never once have I seen you frown
Like an old oak you've grown strong
You've known me oh so long

God gives you the strength you need
From his lands do you feed
Never without His love
With divine help from above

Oh my friend I see everywhere
You the great brown bear
You teach me when my life gets off track
Be as the great american kodiak
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